Relieving Wedding Day Stress

“Bridal Hair: Relieving Wedding Day Stress”

I had the chance to catch up with a top NYC celebrity stylist, Dov, who owns an exclusively chic studio on East 57th Street, to see what he has learned about brides, their hair, and that all-important day. He was enthusiastic about the new less-is-more trend engendered by the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton since he felt this approach could somewhat lessen the usual wedding stress. Today, there are so many more interesting and viable options available, as you will read below:

“The trend for bridal hair now is a very clean, chic and elegant hairstyle much like what Kate and Pippa Middleton wore – the hair matched the dress – classic, simple, and timeless.”

Dov also recommends changing your hair from ceremony to reception, since one calls for a more formal up-do and the other allows you to literally let your hair down! It's relatively easy to restyle your hair from a sweeping up-do to a half up-do to a completely down-on-the-shoulders-do. The choice is up to you.

Dov continues, “I always recommend adding hair extensions for the night of the event to give your hair body and shape that will last throughout the night. Hairpieces also work well for that quick change that many brides are opting to do in order to add variety to their overall look as well as to their photos.”

As for your honeymoon…Dov advises, “Keep your hair simple – a pony tail is always a great solution.

For those brides that have frizzy hair, I strongly recommend a keratin treatment before the event or honeymoon. It makes the hair easier to manage. Elnett is a fabulous choice for bridal hair spray – holds without stiffness”

I asked Dov about wedding headpieces and he replied that all brides should consider their own hair when choosing a headpiece. Think about the hair’s texture, its length, and what hairstyle you are leaning towards. That way, the headpiece will appear more natural…many brides are choosing fresh flowers in their hair – especially for the reception. These can be woven into your natural hair or a hairpiece if you want more length.

Most especially, Dov stresses that brides speak openly with their stylist long before the actual day. You might want to grow your hair out to suit the look you want and that will require time as well as professional maintenance.

Joseph Anthony, a wedding stylist extraordinaire in DC, also favors hairpieces for today’s bride:

“As a pampered bride, one of the biggest problems for your hairdresser first and foremost is that you decide at the last minute that you want to be Kate Middleton instead of Princess Di!

Well here are some tricks that those of us who do the celebrities and magazine photo shoots use.  One of the best kept secrets I can pass on to you is that we always use extra hair… yes -yes you heard me correctly! Even if the hairstyle is just a plain down-do (a la the lovely Kate), I always use extra hair that is subtly placed underneath in the form of a clip-on extension. That is because a veil is going to flatten your hair instantly; it's the weight of the netting that does it. So if you want to maintain the height that all brides seek to add majesty to her overall look, use a hairpiece! No one will suspect a thing. If you are a bride who is doing an up-do, thistrick is for a stress-free day that will save you the wear-and-tear on your hair caused by all that teasing and spraying it to death (and don't forget that the veil will weigh it down): A hair piece for an up-do is like a magic wand for a bride because:

1.     The piece will beautifully enhance your veil

2.     The piece will act as an anchor to keep your veil secure

3.     Your hairstyle will never go flat, despite the temperature and/or the weather

4.     With the secret of a hair piece, you are going to be camera-ready all day and night!

Enjoy your day! (The best advice I can offer is to at least have a try-out with your veil on before your special day!)”

So, lovely brides-to-be, avoid the Bridezilla syndrome by paying as much attention to your hair as you do to your dress. A little pre-planning will help cut off the stress from the tress!  If you need to speak to a wedding pro, please email me: linda@hairdirectory.comand I will set up a customized consultation for you.

Posted June 29, 2011
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