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Try a Color Glazes this season, which are in-between color refreshers that enhance color and leave dullness behind. Deep-conditioner moisture treatments are musts during the post-winter period. Your hair needs to be renewed to look its best this spring! Center parts, Side-bangs and flowing curls are making a strong comeback right now-soften them with spot relaxers, which are mild relaxers that salon stylists apply to the desired area that last 8-10 weeks on average. These are much less damaging to the hair than daily high heat blow-drying and the treatment is even more effective…And let’s not forget that spring always signals a whole new look so let’s revamp with a great cut to greet this season anew.


Hair Color Trends


Fashion trends say “Bold is Best” this season…everything from exploded florals and geometric patterns to retro motifs and scarf prints. Think ultra contrasts/ultra drama. Since hair has always been fashion’s key accessory, smart colorists always create new techniques and hair hues to match the runway shows…and this spring, those new looks cry out for a partnership with hair color.


A prime example would be the fashion focus on Color Blocking – those new sculpted shapes with their graphic use of color blocking on everything from sleeves to cuffs to collars to gloves to shoes to jewelry, all matching up together with bold strokes of color.  Trend-setting colorists have devised their own Color Blocking technique, creating color patterns through highlighting placed beneath, above, and throughout the base color. These highlights may be broadly dramatic or subtle face-framing wisps – complementary shadings placed only at the tips of the hair or distinct contrasts engineered to stand out as an eye-catching fashion statement.  The color spectrum ranges from platinum to plum, customized to suit the client’s unique personality and desires.


Hair Treatments


Straightening is now one of the most popular salon hair services.  As we approach beach season, these treatment can save you both time and money since they eliminate the need for weekly/daily blow-drys at a salon.  After one of these straightening treatments (there are several types available), you may step out with a perfect style despite the weather and your schedule. 


Spray Tanning


Savvy clients know that the sun is a killer…it is the primary cause of skin cancer and melanoma, both of which have been on the increase during the past few years.  The sun also destroys your looks and ages you beyond repair.  As a result, spray tanning is most popular during the dangerous spring and summer seasons when our skin is most exposed to the sun.  


Most spray tans can be customized to suit your skin tone and how dark you want to go…so choose your tan safely and wisely this summer.

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Posted April 13, 2012
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