The ABC's of Hair Extensions

To start with, hair ions are a fantastic way to change your look in a very short period of time. Why change?  Well, there is any number of reasons…

Getting Married? Hair extensions will add length, body, and that all-important wow factor to your wedding day look, honeymoon, and beyond, if you so desire.

Special Event? Whether it be a VIP red-carpet occasion, your best friend’s wedding, a class reunion, or an important date, hair extensions will generate the buzz you seek.

Tired of the same old/same old? Hair extensions will create a whole new look without have to wait 6 months or more for your hair to grow…which will give you many more styling options: braids, ponytails, up-dos, to-the-side, fun and easy clip-on bangs, or whatever else suits your mood or the occasion.

Thinning Hair? Thinning hair may be caused by illness, chemotherapy, age, decades of overheated blow-drying, or simply a matter of genetics. Today, however, your numerous choices would include everything from a hair weave to keratin tips to custom-blends.

We reached out to Jasmine Gerald, owner of Jasmine’s Salon in NYC for a few expert tips on the art of hair extensions. 

Jasmine points out that anyone seeking hair extensions must first begin with a full analysis of their hair during an in-depth consultation with an extension expert. During that time, your needs and desires will be reviewed in order to determine if a wig or extensions would best suit your individual needs.

If hair extensions are deemed to be your best option, your stylist would then decide which hair extension technique would be best for you. At that point, your stylist would custom blend the extension hair to match your individual hair color and texture. Based upon the weaving technique chosen, the extension hair can be wefted, left loose, or applied on a keratin tip.  Classic weaves employ wefted hair; Hot/ Cold Fusion or Linx use a keratin tip hair; Braids or Brazilian Weaves work best with loose hair; Clip-on pieces such as bangs use wefted hair. As you can see, hair weaving is a very intricate procedure and each weaving technique has its own method of application. 

Jasmine goes on to explain the difference between Hot and Cold Fusion extensions:
“Cold Fusion extensions do not use the hot bonding solution to attach the hair. This means that the individual will have no burns to their scalp. Instead, Cold Fusion extensions use a much milder solution, which eliminates any chance of burns or irritation. That is why I believe that Cold Fusion is a better extension solution. If done correctly, Cold Fusion extensions last longer and blend better with one’s natural hair than Hot Fusion Extensions.”

The pros of hair extensions include the fact that you can achieve fullness, length and color in a matter of minutes. Hair extensions are also a good way to protect your own hair from the destructive damages brought on by coloring, perming and high heat styling.  Moreover, if you have a serious illness, hereditary baldness, or any form of alopecia, hair extensions could change your life. Most health experts agree that when a person with an illness looks better, they also feel better.

Afterwards, your stylist should give you a good maintenance and follow up plan. The cons of hair extensions only apply if you do not follow the directions given to you by your stylist. Poor maintenance will badly affect your hair, but if you follow your stylist’s instructions you should not have any breakage or damage to your hair. Remember, if you do have any questions or concerns either before or after the treatment, ask questions.

Every extension technique has its own lifespan. A classic weave with proper maintenance will last three months at the most. Hot or Cold Fusion extensions should not be left in for more than four months. Jasmine warns that “Clip-on extensions can be very tricky. Be aware that you should not continue to place the clip-ons in the same area. Over use ofclip-ons in the same area may cause balding or irritation in that area.”Linx or Brazilian Weaves can last three to four months with proper care.
Jasmine’s Expert Advice: “You do not want to leave any extension in for an extended period because it will cause matting or pulling on the scalp.”

If you have any additional questions, please contact me at and I will put you in touch with a hair extension expert in your area.


Posted June 01, 2011
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