Vendor Opportunities Here will put you, the beauty distributor/vendor, in direct communication with both the beauty professional (salon and spa owners, hair loss physicians, dermatologists, hair colorists and stylists, aestheticians, trainers, platform artists, film/TV beauty crews, celebrity stylists, etc…) and the end consumer alike.

One of the main services of the site will be to allow simple-to-use direct product purchases of your product inventory by both the public and the professional, which your company will ship directly to them.

Benefits include:

  • A database of over 300,000 hair-related businesses
  • Prominently featured section on your products
  • Home Page Purchase Product Section to generate sales
  • Links to matching product category within home page articles
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services to help push your products to first page placement on search sites such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc…
  • Search engine by zip code, area code, city, or state to maximize result
  • Direct access to consumers and all hair-related professionals
  • PR and marketing campaign to increase visibility of site and product sales
  • Separate retail and wholesale shopping carts

Such a partnership between a comprehensive directory and a fulfillment firm has been successful in other markets and is a natural for the beauty industry.  Articles on hair and beauty treatments will contain links to appropriate products, which will lead to directed sales in that product category.  Consumers/Professionals will be able to search for product by type and/or name via the Home page search bar. Validated professionals will be assigned a special code to access wholesale pricing whereas consumers will be directed to a retail shopping cart.  Shipments will be made from you under the label.

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