New York, New York
Jon Fortgang, the President and founder of New Hair Technology in Manhattan, has dedicated his innumerable talents to the field of hair loss. Through his research and development of innovative hair replacement technology, he has provided hair loss solutions to thousands of individuals over several decades. Using his advanced encyclopedic knowledge of this highly specialized area, Mr. Fortgang has provided training and has served as an inspiration to hair loss professionals throughout the world. Mr. Fortgang has been a guest speaker on the latest proven technologies in hair replacement services at medical conferences throughout the United States. He is not only a vital supporter of the National Alopecia Areata Foundation, but has also served on the board of the American Hair Loss Council and as Chairman of the Children with Hair Loss Organization. One of his greatest achievements is HairDirectory.com, a site devoted to the topic of hair that is designed to serve as a complete guide for both the hair professional and the consumer. It naturally follows that this site contains one of the most current and comprehensive overviews on hair loss disorders and their treatments available today. Due to his tireless and personal efforts together with the advancements he has pioneered in the field of medical and cosmetic hair replacement for children and adults, Jon Fortgang was the recipient of the Ellis Island Medal of Honor Humanitarian Award given in 2007.
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