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To answer this question, we checked with several hair color experts on what they are formulating for their high profile clients. Cody Ferro, Technical Advisor for Schwarzkopf Professional describes his look for the season: Moving into the summer, we are seeing a lot...
Today, the average person begins to gray as early as their twenties, based upon several factors including the environment, stress levels, and just plain genetics. Women (and men) who gray younger do not view this as aging, but as a problem that needs to be solved and...
“Bridal Hair: Relieving Wedding Day Stress” I had the chance to catch up with a top NYC celebrity stylist, Dov, who owns an exclusively chic studio on East 57th Street, to see what he has learned about brides, their hair, and that all-important day. He...
To start with, hair ions are a fantastic way to change your look in a very short period of time. Why change?  Well, there is any number of reasons… Getting Married? Hair extensions will add length, body, and that all-important wow factor...
The Wrinkle Report Over-the-counter topicals These are lotions, creams, and serums containing antioxidants (vitamins C and E, coenzyme Q10, alpha lipoic acid, and retinol, a form of vitamin A), peptides (copper and growth factors), and alpha and beta hydroxy acids (...
General   Try a Color Glazes this season, which are in-between color refreshers that enhance color and leave dullness behind. Deep-conditioner moisture treatments are musts during the post-winter period. Your hair needs to be renewed to look its best this...

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